Tuesday, 3 February 2015

As you may already know, I work as a Sales & Marketing Assistant for a small company in my hometown. I have worked there now for just over two years and I have grown so much since I was 18.

Let me give you a back drop to my life when I was in college. I was pretty unhappy to be honest with you. I didn't feel it most of the time because when I wasn't failing at college I was going to parties every other night and not even bothering to turn up 80% of the time.

When I left school I followed everyone to study our A Level's at College. I could never really stick with a career that I wanted to follow - something I still suffer with today - and this meant that when I picked my 4 subjects to study at A Level, I just picked the one's that I happened to do well in at school.

This necessarily wasn't the best choice and after two years all I was left with was an AS in Sociology and a scrape of a pass in A2 History. Life suddenly came crashing down on me that July of 2012. My parents weren't talking to me and I had no idea where I was going. I knew doing another year at College wasn't an option for me. I hated pretty much every subject I was taking and the one I did feel passionate about, I had only just received an A2 grade in.

I decided that I needed to get a job. I started looking around for some reasonably paid jobs for someone of my qualification and for two months I had no luck. Then one day, I came across an advert for the apprenticeship website. The idea of working and studying had never before crossed my mind, but an idea for consideration. The best things about the process was, after learning from my mistakes at College, I was able to pick an area of work and study that I wanted to do.

However, typical Emily, I still couldn't decide. By the end I had applied for 2 jobs. Firstly, as a Health Care Assistant in the local end of life care home, and the other at a local business. Three weeks later I had got through both of the interviews and had two job offers.

I still don't know to this day why I decided to go for the job as the Sales & Marketing Assistant for the local business. Something about it felt right. Plus, I don't think I could have ever have been mentally strong enough to deal with caring for people at an end of life home.

So here I am, in 2015, an NVQ in Business Administration under my belt and soon to be HNC, and next year a HND, to finish it all off.

My friends still ask me whether I think I made the right choice?

Whether I regret not going to University full time?

Or should I have taken another year at college to try and improve on my A Levels?

When they asked me back at the end of 2012, I was still so unsure. I never had a full time job before and I really didn't know what to expect.

It never got easier either. It's hard work trying to fit in my career, my studies and attempt to have a social life outside of these. I lost a friend or two because I was no longer their Tuesday night clubbing buddy, or because I blew them off at the pub to stay home and have a relaxing evening in after a 10 hour work day.

But I wouldn't trade the last two years for the world.

Everything I had been searching for at college  clear to me. A whole career sector that I had never before even thought about venturing into, came to be my entire life.

I believe everything happens for a reason.

Making that decision to leave College and find a job was the biggest risk I have ever taken. I could have ended up in a dead end job, doing something I hated for a living. Instead, I have a huge career path ahead of me, filled with countless opportunities and I still get to fulfil my life goal of getting a degree, with no debt at the end.


Right, for anyone that stuck with me through that entire ramble of thoughts... well done, and thank you.

Something I feel very passionate about is the apprenticeship scheme we have in this country. I am a product of how it can turn someone's life around.

If you are reading this and you happen to be thinking of taking on an Apprenticeship, please do consider it greatly. I know the pay can kind of stink at first but once you have gained the right experience and training it can open so many doors for your future.

Emily x


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