Friday, 30 January 2015

This month marked 1 year since me and my wonderful boyfriend met. As the decision maker in the relationship (after he says “wherever you want to go Love”), when the conversation came about as to how we were celebrating the occasion, I came up with the idea of visiting Monkey World.

This idea can be explained in two points. Firstly, I love Monkeys. I mean really love Monkeys.

Secondly, every Saturday morning, I slouch on the sofa and stick Monkey Life on TV – which is filmed at Monkey World for those who do not know – and I make him watch it with me. For 2 hours straight.

So when I put forward the visit, it went a bit like this:

“How about Monkey World, we both love Monkeys!”
 “No I love Monkeys because you love them.”

… I took that as yes and on the 18th January we headed off for our day of Monkey Madness!

For any fellow Ape & Monkey lovers who have not visited this wonderful place, it is a must go!

(The Constantly Frowning Monkey)

We arrived at opening time so there was barely anyone in the park. This meant no queuing and no peering over someone’s shoulder to get a better view. Opening time also coincides with when they clean all the interior enclosures so this meant we were able to see the monkeys outside playing, fighting and at one point, tightrope walking. 

We even got to see the baby monkeys!

As we were leaving the park was getting busy and the monkeys were back inside their enclosures – and too right, it was only 8°C – which meant we were able to get really close to the animals.

We finished the evening off at The Hobbit restaurant in Hythe, a place that we had been eager to try all year. Inside are all kinds of LoTR memorabilia and decorations which we both really appreciate. A gorgeous meal of Italian style chicken, finished off with a delicious sticky toffee pudding. This little pub cooked the best meal I've had in a very long time!

Emily x


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